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Uploaded by Bleifuss - 28.01.2011
Author Ham5ter
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Basically changed nearly all the AI curve_modifier's to 1.20 on the assumption that these curves were more or less correct before the codemasters beta testers messed them up, the values they were set to before varied and averaged around 1.00.

Because the AI can now carry more speed in the corners they will overtake a lot more, they also periodically make mistakes when battling each other due to the extra speed, and with the values all being the same means the racing on every track is consistent.

Curves at Monaco and Shanghai have been set to 0.90 and Catalunya to 1.00 to slow those tracks down a little, the rest of the tracks are 1.20.

Curve values of 1.25 takes them to the very limit leaving no room for error but a slightly safer 1.20 was the final choice which is a shame because AI_125 sounds way more cooler

NOTE: The files have been left in txt format so they can be changed easily.

INSTALLATION: Extract and copy to 'f1 2010' folder.

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