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Import Player Picture

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Uploaded by Bleifuss - 10.01.2011
Author sidokill
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Mit dieser Mod ist es möglich, euer eigenes Foto in F1 2010 zu importieren!

Infos vom Author der Mod:

This is my first mod, hope you like it.

1. Make backup from the original files located in f1 2010\frontend !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Extract files
3. Install F1 Textures Editor if you have not done so
4. Open the file named b_nonpersistent.pssg that you have extracted at step 2.using F1 Textures Editor
5. Search in the list from the left for a file named player_silhouette
6. Load the picture that you want but make sure its file size is 256x256
7. Now press Import
8. Repeat step 4.5.6. and 7. for the file named b_player_helmets.pssg
9. After this all you have to do is replace the original files in f1 2010\frontend with the 2 files that you have modified earlier b_nonpersistent.pssg & b_player_helmets.pssg

Many thanks for the F1 Textures Editor by: Ariel Santarelli

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