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Realistic Cameras (RDDev)

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Uploaded by Bleifuss - 28.12.2010
Author M4MKey
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The last video represent the V1.3

Hi everyone, i'm releasing the latest version of this mod that will keep be updated, be sure of it :

---------------------- RELEASE NOTES:----------------------

1.3.1 : Fixed issue with camera going "berserk" for Ferrari and Lotus, added crack29584's fix for logitech Dual Action
v1.3 : Added 45FOV cockpit cam for both Tcam versions and new version with cockpit cam as pitcam (Real Pitcam).
v1.2.1 : Fixed Issue with the Force India when racing line aid will not work properly.
v1.2 : Added alternative R34P3R Tcam for both 60 and 70°FOV Cockpit !
v1.1 : Added support of cockpit view in 70°FOV, fixed the missing speedmeter in Tcam for all cars.
V1.01 : Redone all actionmaps in text XML !
V1.0 : Completely new head movements !! All Cockpit are reworked
v0.6 : Added Tcam support on pitlane, adjusted cockpit cams of all cars to be closer to the wheel, adjusted some sidecams.
V0.5 : Fixed an issue with the actionmaps, adjusted cockpit and nose view of Ferrari
V0.4 : Adjusted Cockpit camera of Torro Rosso
V0.3 : Added Keyboard support
V0.2 : FIX the start crash for every car

---------------------- INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS:----------------------

1. Be sure you have a "mapped/ compatible" steering wheel with F1 2010.2. Just overwrite the folders on your main root.


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