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Track lighting mod full 4v

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Uploaded by SebVettel2010 - 29.11.2010
Author shurik_spb
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Author: shurik_spb
Plattform: PC

Version 0.4 changes:

extra bloom, glow and brightness bug have been solved for cloudy, overcast and rainy conditions.

small v3 and v4 comparison in "overscast" and "heavy rain":

Tracks lighting mod (full) v4
I've made few changes in lighting.xml and effects.xml to tweak shadows contrast, sun orientation and sky brightness in order to make tracks more saturated and contrast. Some of the tracks lighting I tried to make similar to real 2010 lighting (I mean a sun direction). There are some little visual bugs which I can't solve right now: smoke and dust on some tracks are a bit bluish, some baked shadows are appearing in Monaco and other tracks(don't know if I can switch them off), diffuse level of all cars in some tracks is a bit low (that's why there is no chance to make ferrari's color authentic scarlet in this tracks), couldn't solve this issue also, looks like that there is something else influencing on it. Maybe it will be too saturated for some users, so I've made 2 versions of modification. The only difference between them is ~0.4 of sturation value.

Free Hex Editor was used as a software. Hopefully, we'll have some advanced tools for such a tweaks in future.
Note: All tweaks were made for 0.9 ingame gamma setting.

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