Modder/Author: Team AI
Plattform (PC/XBox/PS3): PC

Finally here!

The F1 2010 AI Tool Kit is a comprehensive application allowing a wide range of custom tweaks.


This application is based on Java 6. The application is bundled with Java 6 and will use the bundled Java run time environment.

Run the installer and follow the onscreen instructions and don't forget to select installation path as the F1 2010 game installation directory. Otherwise you will not be able to install the application.

This will create a folder "AI Settings" in the F1 2010 installation directory.

Start the application(AI.exe) from desktop or "AI Settings" folder with Administrative rights (windows vista/7).

Main features:

AI corner speeds and braking distances are optimized and available in pre-set levels or % sliders can be used for all or specific tracks. Even individual corners can be tweaked and custom track files can be saved and imported.
Practice and qualifying times are optimized for all weather options and again slider adjustable to a fraction of a second.

More realistic fuel simulation and AI behavior

Popular Database mods included as well as ‘only light rain’ option

Please let us know your feedback on the Mod. If you find any issues please report back and if its possible to fix we will do it.

You can also post the AI track files for individual tracks on the forum if you feel your modified AI track file is better than the bundled one in application. If we find it to be better then the bundles one we will include that file in application.



Members of Team AI
1. Orion2001
2. Koeloe
3. George Wiseman
4. Little Master
5. Ryder25
6. Syed Hussaini

Thanks to

Syed Hussaini - F1 2010 AI Tool Kit application Designer and Developer.
George Wiseman - AI Fuel Sim & Behaviour, Track Testing/Modification
Orion2001 - Light Rain in Career, Track Testing/Modification
Koeloe - Track Testing/Modification
Little Master - Track Testing/Modification
Ryder25 - Database Command Line converter
_DI - Superb qualifying settings for all tracks
Luh-Koala - Database Flashback Mod.
Dave Kaye - Member for short time and also for Track Testing/Modification
M4MKey - Auto Save Fix
Markus - Frustration Mod
Author of Binxml commandline converter.

Change log
Fix for Non-English Locale.
Introduced logger. Log file can be found at F1 2010/AI Settings/Log/Log.txt
Latest version of Ryder Command Line database converter performs all the database actions.
Experimental Fix for Non-English Locale (Database Operations)
Another experimental fix for Non-English Locale (Database Operations)