Author: mvpe
Mod "aufgespürt" von: GermanStar1985
Plattform: PC


I hate that music, no idea what CM were thinking. All the other music can be turned off from the game sound menu but this one is always there!!!

I've already found 2 ways to kill this horrible thing. The first is by editing an xml but that can conflict with other audio mods. And that's exactly what happened after I tryed a sound mod posted here. The horrible music was back!

Now I've chopped it out of the game for good, it replaces the mus_boot_start.WIP file with a dummy one.

Please back up your original file before use.

Verwendung der Datei(en) auf eigene Gefahr! Zur Sicherheit sollte man immer die Originaldateien vorher sichern falls die Mod nicht das gewünschte Ergebnis liefert!