Im englischen Codemasters Forum schreibt ein User folgendes zum Thema F1 2010:


"Hey chaps

I picked up my F1 2010 review code (PC) on Friday, and sunk about 5
hours into it yesterday. I can't go into too much detail for risk of
breaking the embargo, but I can make a few general points:

1.) Eye watering visuals. Without doubt the sexiest racing game I've
ever seen. I'm running all settings maxed, 1920 x 1080 with 4XAA, on
my [email protected], GTX 470 and 8GB DDR3, and it run super smoothly. The
rain effects are sublime, but the real star of the show are the
tracks. There's just so much stuff in the background that I'm often
distracted by the view.

2.) Handling is not as hardcore as iRacing. While the cars have a
propensity to spin if you apply too much gas coming out of a corner,
they don't appear to mind if you drive them across the grass at 150km/
h. I've lost count of the number of times I've cut a corner, with
hardly any slowdown as a result. The force feedback also isn't quite
as lovely as iRacing - it is good, but iRacing's bumps and steering
feel more realistic.

3.) Car damage is quite forgiving. At times it feels almost like
bumper cars - I'll often make contact with other vehicles, rubbing
tires, with no penalty. I've got damage cranked to full, and full race
penalties enabled. I'm more often given a penalty by the stewards than
seeing any physical damage.

4.) The sound engine is superb. The screaming whine of the F1 engines
are captured beautifully, as is the trackside ambiance.

5.) The AI is brutally hard. I've set it to amateur, and have come
last in every race so far. It's quite strange - while the handling
seems easy when set to full real, the AI is still hard when set to its
most basic.

6.) Overall the game is fantastic fun. While hardcore simmers may
dislike the ability to drive over grass and bump and grind with other
cars, most racers will love the way the game makes you feel like an F1
driver, piloting a rocket ship on wheels.

I can't say too much more, but I thought it'd be best to get people's
expectations in line with the final product. The game is 95% there as
a hardcore sim - it just needs the off-road and contact behaviour to
be tweaked to make it perfect for iRacing fans. Hopefully this will be
moddable by the community, or perhaps Codies could be persuaded to
release a "Hardcore mode" as DLC that is much more punishing in this

Enough talk from me - got to write for the rest of today so I can play
more tonight"

Das hört sich doch alles gut an....und leider sind es immer noch ca. 10 Tage bis zum Release